Swimming pool CASCADE
CASCADE in Campo Tures in the Tauferer Ahrntal Valley.
Castello di Tures
The mighty Castello di Tures is the dynastic seat of the Barons of Taufers and showcases impressive fortified grounds. The well-preserved castle is one of the biggest and finest castles in Alto Adige. 
Folk art and the Krippen Museum MARANATHA in Luttach
The name "Maranatha" is Aramaic, Jesus’ mother tongue, meaning "Our Lord May Come". A unique exhibit, the one and only in Alto Adige.
"The Power of Water" – Museum Widum Lappago
Experience water and all its characteristics and secrets: the museum opened in the summer of 2010 and is dedicated to the powerful strengths of the water element.
Museum "Kornkasten"
This museum is part of the Show Mines of Predoi in Steinhaus and offers extensive views into the turbulent history of the mining industry in the Valli di Tures e Aurina.
Church Of The Holy Spirit in Kasern
The chapel is located in the lower Ahrntal Valley, adjacent to a large cliff. During the winter months a very popular cross-country skiing spot, during the summer months a popular outing for families with its hiking trails and beautiful alpine meadows.
Spitzenkloeppeln – Handworks ("Haus Prettau")
Prettau Mine + Climate Shaft
 The mine and climate shaft, no longer in operation, takes you 1,000 meters underground and offers information about the life of the miners and new kinds of respiratory tract treatments (Speleotherapy).
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